What is the R-Value of Alternative Composite Doors?

When we think about R-Value, it’s easy to get caught up in a high R-value number, but what’s more important to understand is if the door is insulated and when the door is installed will it be buttoned up tight with no air leaks.  It doesn’t matter how much R-Value you have in a door if it’s leaking at the seams or isn’t tight to the jamb opening.  The New Dura EEZ Technology featuring the alternative composite garage door is fully insulated with Polystyrene foam and it doesn’t leak at the seams where the sections come together when the door is in the closed position. 5/8” double paned insulated glass is used with any glass incorporated into the door for design purposes.   Your new alternative composite door will be equipped with custom made climate seal with a dark brown vinyl that will sit tight against the face of the door to seal up the edges.  The question you should ask yourself; is the door insulted and does the door leak?  The new Dura EEZ technology will eliminate cold, drafty doors and keep the inside of your garage cool in the summer time and warm in the winter time.   

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