DURA-EEZ™ Alternative Composite Exterior Passage Doors

As Homeowners we all strive to find the balance between durability, attractive design and less effort in maintenance and upkeep. Our alternative composite passage doors feature a proprietary technology to help make this balance easier. These doors blend the look and feel of genuine wood doors with modern technology to operate smoothly. They are easy to clean, are water, stain and rot resistant, and come without the hassles of upfront finishing and annual maintenance. Featuring 14 designs and 5 color options, you are sure to get the design that is right for you and your home – without compromise!

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  • 14 Design Options
  • 5 Color Options
  • 4 Glass styles


  • Stain, Split and Rot Resistant
  • Real Wood-Like Appearance
  • Exterior door Standards: 21/4″ Slab Thickness
  • Height Standards: 6’8″ (Upgrade 7’0″ or 8’0″)
  • Width Standards: 2’8″, 3’0″, 3’6″
  • Width Standard French Door: 6’0″
  • 5/8 Clear (Standard), Frosted, Seeded or Winter Lake Double pane insulated glass


  • Clean with soft cloth with mixture of mild detergent
  • Use simple detergents, including Dawn dish soap or simple green
  • Always use white cloth towels or rags for cleaning to avoid transfer of pigment onto the surface during cleaning
  • Cotton T-Shirt material works well and prevents cloth fibers from sticking to doors
  • A heat gun can be used to remove or blend most surface dents or scratches

Color Options

Glass Options

Multi- Point Locking System

Our multi-point locking system offers equal security on both sides of the door. We use fine design, precise machining, and high-quality materials to provide the most durable, secure system on the market.

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Adjustable Hinges

Exterior Doors expand and contract depending on the climate they are exposed to. Adjustable door hinges allow the homeowner to adjust their door to fit properly as the exterior door fluctuates with the climate. This helps ensure the swing and seal of the door is correct as the seasons change.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our doors to be free of defect caused by faulty workmanship or materials for up to one year from the date of purchase. The Alternative Composite garage doors carry a 50 year warranty against color fade and a 5 year warranty against delamination.  To obtain complete warranty information, please contact us directly.

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