How to Measure an Exterior Entry Door

Below are four easy steps to measure your entry door size! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we’re here for you!

Steps to follow for existing door unit or new rough opening with no existing door

Step 1:  Measure the width and height of the rough opening.

If an existing door is getting replaced, measure the outside frame width and heigh of the existing frame and measure the rough opening. This will allow us to determine 1/2″ shim space around the new unit frame and the rough opening

Step 2
: Measure the jamb width- this measurement is from the inside finished wall to the outside finished wall. Standard jamb depths are 4 9/16″ for 2X4 walls and 6 9/16″ for 2X6 walls- custom jamb widths are available

Step 3: Figure the swing of your door unit- does the door swing into the house or swing to the outside of the house
          – If door swings into the house, does it swing into the left or right?
          – If door swings outside of the house, does it swing out and to the left or right?

French entry units will have an active slab for use all of the time- same rules apply to figure swing as mentioned above. Inactive slab will remain stationary but will be functional either by handle set to active 3 point or by manual shoot bolts
*Please refer to the layout pictures on the exterior door field measuring sheet for reference

Step 4: Choose your door layout- single door, door with sidelights or with an additional transom above, or a french door unit

Steps to follow when replacing an existing door slab utilizing existing door frame

Step 1: Measure the width and height of the interior side of the slab- this will give you the proper measurement if existing door has beveled edge. In addition, measure the thickness of the door slab and determine your swing (see step three above for more information on door swings)

Step 2: Measure the inside of the existing frame width and height on the interior side of the frame

Step 3: Measure existing hinge locations, size of hinges, and if the hinge corners are square, 1/4″ or 5/8″ radius. From the top of the slab down, measure to the top of where all of the hinge pockets start. In addition, measure the hinge mortise depth. 
*Important for all measurements to be done on the inside of the door slab

Step 4: Measure existing boring specs- from the top of the slab down, measure to the center of the dead bolt and the center of the handle/knob. You’ll also want to measure the backset – standard backsets are 2 3/8″ or 2 1/4″ in from the edge of the slab to the center of the handle set and deadbolt hardware.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more guidance or have any questions about measuring your door | hello@greatnortherndoor.com