How to adjust Adjustable Door Hinges

As the climate changes from season to season, your door changes as well. You can expect your custom  wood exterior door to expand and compress based on the humidity and temperatures it is exposed to. Great Northern Doors Adjustable Door Hinge gives users the ability to move your door slab vertically or horizontally to gain proper sight lines to the door frame as  your custom door acclimates to changes in the weather. 

Hinge Details

Great Northern Door’s custom wood doors use two different adjustable hinges, the SET HINGE, and the GUIDE HINGE . 
GUIDE HINGES are used to move the door slab horizontally with a 3/16” inch motion range.  You can distinguish the GUIDE HINGE from the SET HINGE  by the location of the set screw in the center of the hinge.
SET HINGES are used to move the door slab vertically, with a 1/4” inch movement range. You can distinguish the SET HINGE from the GUIDE HINGE  by the downward facing arrow on the lower right hand side of the hinge. 

Hinge Photos

Hinges are  currently available in bronze or black, and are identical to the model images shown below. 

Hinge Diagrams

The number of hinges required for installation is dependent on both the weight, and height of your door. In order to insure the proper number of hinges are being used for your door size please reference the diagrams below. 

Adjusting Hinges for Proper Sightlines

In order to adjust your door up or down, reference the direction of the arrow that is shown on your set hinge. Turning the screw counterclockwise will move the hinge in the direction that the arrow is facing (up or down)


  • Turn screw clockwise to tilt the door slab towards the hinge side of the frame. 
  • Turn counterclockwise to tilt door slab towards the strike side of the frame.
  • In addition to setting hinges vertically and horizontally, the hinge pins can be pulled to easily change the swing of the door slab.  

*Guide hinges can be set independently from one another to achieve proper sight line*

6'8 and 7'0 Foot Door Slab Installation

  • 4 Hinges are needed, 2 GUIDE HINGES, 2 SET HINGES
  •  SET HINGES, which control vertical movement, are placed in the center hinge pocket locations for doors ranging 6’8 to 7’ feet tall door slabs.
  • The GUIDE HINGES, which control horizontal movement, are placed at the top and bottom of the door slab.

8'0 Foot Door Slab Installation

  •  5 Hinges are required for installation, 3 GUIDE HINGES, 2 SET HINGES
  • Two GUIDE HINGES are located at the top of the door,
  • The third GUIDE HINGE  is located at the bottom of the door.
  • The  2 SET HINGES are both located at the center of the door 

Helpful Tips

  • Use two people when making adjustments to take the weight off the door slab. 
  • Avoid maxing out adjustment screw and damaging the hinges
  • Make corrections in small increments