How Much Do Alternative Composite Garage Doors Weigh?

Weight comparisons between steel, wood and alternative composite doors vary.  With no secret steel being the lightest while wood and alternative composite weighing very similarly.  At great Northern Door, we individually weigh each section, so we know exactly how much your alternative composite door or wood door weighs.  This is crucial in building the proper torsion springs that will do most of the lifting of the door sections.  Most people think the operator is lifting the door but in reality, the operator is merely creating the motion of opening and closing.  Once the operator engages to lift the door up, the torsion spring kicks in immediately to do all of the heavy lifting.  This is true when the door is in the open position and the operator button is pressed to bring the door down.  The torsion spring reacts the same way as if the door is going up and the torsion springs will kick in and take most of the weight as the door is going down.  If the operator cord is pulled to disengage the operator from the garage door, you should be able to lift your door, no matter the weight, with one hand.  The door should glide up and down on the tracks with ease.  If the torsion springs are geared correctly for the weight, then the door sections will not fly up fast or come crashing down when the operator cord is pulled and detached from the door.  This is very important for the operational safety of a garage door and especially the safety of children and pets.  

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