Small Company Takes on Large Conglomerates with First in Class Dura-Eez™ Technology

Dynamic Duo Unites to Create the Industry's Next BIG thing.

The Great Northern Door Company is pleased to announce it is now recognized under the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its new DURA-EEZ™ line of composite entry and garage doors.

Featuring a proprietary assembly process developed by Jessie Otto and Ty Ostroviak, DURA-EEZ™ doors are designed ot create a timeless, natural wood appearance.  DURA-EEZ™ technology leverages ultra-durable materials that provide superior performance when compared against traditional doors such as steel, fiberglass and wood.  All while giving the highest return on investment (ROI) for home entry and garage door systems.

Jessie Otto, CEO of Great Northern Door, has this to say, “As a mom and a business leader, I was driven to create a product that not only saves our customers valuable time and money, but also meets the aesthetic appeal of every home. This drove a series of strategic conversations that led us to the creation of DURA-EEZ™, and what we knew the market was lacking. Over time, steel doors dent and chalk, and fiberglass and wood doors require consistent maintenance.  All these things require time and money.  I knew I wasn’t the only one who desired more time with my family and to spend less money on items to maintain.”

Resistant to impact, pest damage and weathering, each DURA-EEZ™ door comes with the peace of mind of extreme durability with minimal maintenance.  The DURA-EEZ™ line raises the bar by enhancing outdoor living spaces with natural looking doors, without the worry.  Offering long-term savings and excellent resale value, DURA-EEZ™ doors are the easiest choice to make.

“Patenting DURA-EEZ™ was important to us because if offers assurance to our customers that these doors are well tested, and proven to withstand the most challenging environments.  Their handcrafted assembly instills trust, and lets customers know that our doors are made with the highest attention to detail, and with integrity and care,” said Ty Ostroviak, President/Founder of Great Northern Door.  

Additional Information and Availability:

Founded in 2004, Great Northern Door Company, based in Minnesota, understands the realities of harsh climates.  The company’s ultimate desire is to continually solve the need for exceptional and durable doors that are as beautiful as they are resilient.  It centers itself around the dealer/customer experience, quality, and innovation.  Look to Great Northern Door for ongoing innovation and problem solving that saves both time and money.  Because that is what the customer values, and so do we.

"Patenting DURA-EEZ™ was important to us because if offers assurance to our customers that these doors are well tested and proven to withstand the most challenging environments..."
Ty Ostroviak
President/Founder, Great Northern Door



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