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No other garage door wither wood or steel can rival this new garage door product.

When deciding on a garage door for your home, it’s important to compare three types of material for your garage door.  A steel door is inexpensive in price with no upfront finishing costs, very light in weight at 1.75 pounds per square foot, and an industry average of 15 years for a warranty.  What the wood door lacks is durability.  Yes, the steel door is water proof but it will rust over time and it is very easy to dent the surface of the steel door.  

If you’re looking for warmth and beauty, then an all wood door would be your best choice.  In addition, you have lots of wood species options to choose from and you can stain or paint the wood door.   All that being said, the wood door is very expensive with upfront finishing costs and yearly maintenance to ensure the wood door is protected from the sun, water and humidity.  At 3.63 pounds per square inch the wood door is a lot heavier than a steel door and will need to be equipped with bigger tracks, heavier gage hinges and custom torsion springs to carry the weight of the door when being operated.  Custom wood doors typically carry a one to two-year delamination and workmanship warranty but will not cover defects associated with climate.  

Lastly, introducing the new Dura Eez Technology featuring Great Northern Doors new alternative composite garage door.  This new garage door line has the best of what steel and custom wood doors can’t offer.  This new product is resistant to dents and scratches, water proof and carries a 50-year fade and 5-year delamination warranty, this new alternative composite door is the most durable garage door on the market today.  No other garage door wither wood or steel can rival this new garage door product.   With no maintenance clear coats going forward and very easy to clean with a garden hose, rest assured this wood long garage door will last a lifetime.  With custom torsion springs and 2” or 3” track, depending on the size of the door, this door will operate quieter than the steel and the wood door.  At 4.56 pounds per square foot this door will be perfectly balanced and operate smoothly.  The ease of owning this wood looking alternative composite door far outweighs the upfront cost of owning the most superior garage door on the market today.   

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